Steve Lee

Introducing Steve Lee

Maybe your business is going well, but you want to go to the next level?  Or perhaps you're going around the same old mountain but not achieving the goals and aspirations you hoped for?  Every situation is different, but I’ll help you discover firstly what’s holding you back, and secondly, what you need to do propel yourself forward.  I absolutely love helping business owners find their mojo again.

Whether it's business coaching and mentoring, sales and profit growth, or simply a sounding board for strategic decisions – contact me now.  With over 25 years experience in developing and managing business my strategic thinking and common sense pragmatism will help you discover results and outcomes that fit your personality, passions and business dreams.

As a member of the IndeCoach network of independent business owners, coaches and mentors I have access to many tools, resources and a large range of experienced individuals.  I am committed to staying at the top of my field for for the sake of my clients.

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Steve has worked with us for around 8 months. I have found that he has challenged me on all levels to improve my understanding of my business. I have enjoyed this relationship and have found that the steps we are taking are slowly working and we are starting to see the results. I would recommend Steve to any business owner who wants to improve their outcomes and performance.

Dave Hinton
Automotive Paint Supplies

Working with Steve helped me gain clarity about a number of things in my business - the nature of the market I was in, some of the reasons why my business wasn’t performing, and the value in playing to our strengths.  He helped me discover gaps in the market I hadn't identified and where my strengths might be better suited.

I’m loving what I’m doing now and my business is performing much better.

James Pluck, Director
Courage Web Solutions Ltd